Christ Centered

The Church of Christ at Richland Road strives to follow the life of Jesus as we preach His whole gospel in a spirit of love. Therefore, we are involved in meeting the needs of people, both physically and spiritually.

Bible Study

Bible classes are held every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening for all ages. Besides having classes for children, from infants through High School, we also have several adult Bible Classes. We also offer individual bible studies for anyone that would like to learn more about the bible on a private basis.


We assemble together on the first day of every week, as well as Wednesdays, to to worship God and encourage one another. Our times of worship on Sunday are 8:30 AM & 11:00 AM, with Lifegroups at 12:30 PM & 6:00 PM. On Wednesdays we meet together at 7 PM. At Richland Road, Christians share together in partaking of the Lord’s Supper, every Sunday. The unleavened bread and fruit of the vine are symbols off the body and blood of Jesus. This is a weekly reminder of WHO we are and WHOSE we are. Sermons are designed to be Biblical, encouraging, educational and applicable. A cappella music is a vital part of our worship. Christians celebrate and worship God by uniting their voices in the singing of hymns. A dedicated effort is made to keep our worship services uplifting and in harmony with the Word of God. 


Our aim is to study, work and fellowship together as God’s family. Throughout the year we have many fellowship activities for the congregation as a whole as well as for different ages and groups. These wholesome activities provide mutual encouragement, help us to grow closer to Jesus and strengthen our resistance against the world’s temptations.